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EBB Program

Seismic retrofitting can now be subsidized in part through FEMA’s Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program.

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Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program

Retrofit your home to better protect against future earthquakes, and earn a subsidy to help with cost.

Anchorstrong Construction, Inc. is a proud registered foundation repair contractor with the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program(EBB). Last year alone, we installed and completed over 100 Earthquake Brace + Bolt projects.

From step one to completion, our team of industry expert scan guide you through your Earthquake Brace and Bolt project. All required documentation, permits, paperwork and submissions needed to process your rebate are handled by the same foundation repair contractors installing the work. Our streamlined process saves you time and gets your rebate processed efficiently.

Have you been accepted into the EBB Programor CEA BBProgram? Call today to set up a FREE EBB estimate or to confirm that you qualify for the Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program. Contact us for more information.


Have more questions about the CEA and the EBB Brace and Bolt Programs? Check out these helpful links:

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