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Whole House & Floor Leveling

Return your home to its intended position.

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House and Floor Leveling for Los Angeles Properties

Stop cracking in your walls, make it possible for your doors and windows to open properly, and preserve your home for the long term.


Floor Leveling for Los Angeles Properties

If you’ve noticed that your doors aren’t closing properly or cracks are developing in your walls, it’s likely time to explore house leveling.

House leveling involves raising a home’s foundation to even interior floors and redistribute building loads as originally intended.

Most often, house leveling is needed when the concrete and wood materials within a foundation have shifted or started to erode. Posts and piers may need to be reoriented, new footings may need to be poured, and sister walls may need to be added to complete a proper house leveling.  In some cases, the entire foundation may even need to be replaced. 

The causes for foundation erosion and uneven settling are often tied to poor soil conditions, plumbing leaks, inefficient exterior drainage, and seismic activity.

  • Poor Soil: Sometimes soil alone is the cause of failing foundation. Homes that were constructed on expansive clay soil often suffer from foundation settlement because the clay soil expands when wet, which pushes the foundation upward, and then shrinks when it dries, which moves everything downward.
  • Bad Drainage: When there is heavy or prolonged exterior drainage near a foundation, this can cause a foundation to move. In these cases, drainage issues must be resolved for any foundation repairs to have a lasting effect.
  • Seismic Activity: In Southern California, a home can experience thousands of minor earthquakes over its lifespan.  All of this shaking (even when its relatively imperceptible) can cause as home that sits on a raised foundation.
  • Plumbing Leaks: Plumbing leaks can be the evil culprit behind foundation cracks.  It is often the case that plumbing leaks go undetected under the home for long periods of time, causing the wood and concrete components of a foundation to deteriorate.

Types of House Leveling in Los Angeles

In homes that have a crawl space, leveling can be achieved by installing pilings underneath the foundation piers using additional hardware like rods or braces to reinforce the damaged areas of the crawl space.  In some cases, a house must be lifted to be leveled.  Also, in some cases, new beam reinforcements, underpinning or even soil treatment may be required.

Slab foundation homes can also be leveled using a few different types of repair methods. These methods include excavating the exterior of the home and installing pilings or piers, adding concrete pilings, or adding other chemical sources to fill the gaps in the foundation.

If you think you may need to have your home’s foundation replaced, please call us at (424) 443-5480 for a free estimate. We will be happy to send an experienced estimator to your property to evaluate any foundation problems and help develop a corrective solution.

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