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Foundation Replacement for Single Family Homes

Upgrade to meet current building codes to assure the longevity of your home.

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Foundation Replacement for Los Angeles Properties

Replacing a damaged foundation can often save hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars and better protect your loved ones over the long term.


When Are You in Need of Foundation Replacement?

In certain instances, a home’s foundation may fail and become unrepairable.

This type of damage usually occurs as a result of seismic activity, excessive moisture, poorly compacted soil, or inadequate engineering/construction.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, you will likely want to have an expert evaluate the condition of your foundation to determine if replacement is necessary:

  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Visible cracks in ceilings and walls
  • Gaps appearing between walls and floors
  • Walls leaning out or bowing
  • Floor cracks

Foundation Replacement Process

After you have decided to move ahead with a foundation replacement, the construction process will involve multiple phases.

In the first phase, we will begin by transferring the weight of your home to a new temporary shoring system so that your existing foundation is no longer load-bearing. This will help to prevent damage to your house during the replacement process.

In the next phase, we will remove your old foundation.  This is a relatively simple process, because most older foundations do not include any form of steel reinforcement.

Next, we will dig a trench underneath your house to allow for a new footing to be constructed. The depth of the footing will depend on the square footage and height of your house, as well as the weight of the materials used in the constructing of your house.  Soil conditions will also be a factor.

Once the trench is dug, we will insert steel reinforcements inside wooden forms. Concrete will then be pumped directly into the forms. The new foundation will be allowed to fully cure, before the wooden forms are removed.

Moving on to the next phase, new pressure treated lumber will be installed above the footing to provide a firm anchoring material for new foundation bolts.

Finally, your home will be attached to your new foundation and any necessary stucco or siding will be re-installed or replaced.

All of the above described work typically takes between 15 to 30 days depending on the size of foundation being replaced.

If you think you may need to have your home’s foundation replaced, please call us at (424) 443-5480 for a free estimate. We will be happy to send an experienced estimator to your property to evaluate any foundation problems and help develop a corrective solution.

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